Kirby Fighters 2 Review: a New Kirby Adventure

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What a surprise! We are treated to a new adventure, starring Kirby. Kirby Fighters 2, the successor to the success of its original game on 3DS, is arguably a fusion of Sakurai’s masterpieces. A colorful and adorable brawler showing Kirby’s entire personality goes to battle with his fellow men. It was released last week as a surprise and is expected to help Nintendo’s sales for this winter.

The main mode of Kirby Fighters 2 is its Story Mode, which sees Kirby on her journey to the top of an endless tower to defeat her arch enemies: King Dedede and Meta Knight. The story is divided into four parts and each chapter you climb higher and higher with challenges with increasingly formidable enemies and bosses. The story is presented in a very simple way that is displayed only with text and images. The found boss fights were arguably quite fun and challenging, but the encounter with Whispy Woods and the aforementioned duo felt like it was repetitive.

Kirby Fighters 2

To overcome reps in completing several battles in a row, there are several stage conditions and stickers that you can choose between floors. Stage conditions have temporary effects such as speeding up movement and changing the potency of healing items. Stickers have a permanent effect and usually require a strategy when choosing what you will use, because you can only use one of the three stickers provided. For example, healing items can help you survive the next stage, but they don’t provide long-term benefits like power buffs.

Besides Story mode, there are three other modes: Online Mode, Battle Mode, and Single-handed Mode. We tried to try Online Mode but were unable to join any match due to the lack of active players. This is quite a surprise as it is approaching release time, and this is the mode that should be the most popular. But fortunately we can choose to hold a private online battle with friends. On the other hand, Battle Mode is a casual mode where you can manage your battles in both single-player and multiplayer. Unlike the single-handed mode, which requires you to eradicate your opponents in the fastest time.

Fights are different from Super Smash Bros, which are more cooperative and can be won by attacking enemies and depleting their health bars. Players can jump and float in the air (like Kirby in Super Smash Bros.), can suck others and issue special attacks that can be baited by pressing the B and direction buttons. Once your health bar runs out, you will not come out of the fight directly but will move as a ghost and can revive yourself by attacking the enemy.

Kirby Fighters 2 is more focused on the cooperative side because you are required to pair up with a partner of your choice to fight against enemies and friends. Players can kiss their friends to increase health and the fight will not be finished until your team and the enemy turn into ghosts. Items also have an important role in this game because they will help you to secure victory or save you from the brink of defeat. There are also edible food items for Kirby to recover health, there are also items for attacking such as Bombers and Cracklers.

There are more than 20 stages in Fighters 2 which are taken from along Kirby’s journey as a platform game. What is most impressive is how each stage looks like a celebration of Kirby’s history, such as Bubbly Clouds which features a retro 16-bit aesthetic, and others such as Green Gardens that more represent Kirby’s newer adventures. Each stage feels different with their respective challenges to be avoided. For example, Waddle Dee Train Tracks, featuring a speeding train that you have to avoid and Springy Hand Land with giant hands ready to slap your face if you’re not careful.

The ability to copy is the ability that most fills the list, but there are some characters that you can play that are not exclusive to Kirby. Even though all the characters look similar, they have different abilities that are very interesting and creative. Like Artist Kirby who can paint pictures that can come out of the canvas and attack enemies, and Whip Kirby who can injure enemies by swinging his whip like a tornado. There is a new ability made exclusive to this game, namely Wrestler Kirby which is able to catch and slam enemies in a funny style.

Kirby Fighters 2

Unlocking characters, levels, and items for use in the story can be reached through a progression system known as the Fighters Rank. You will earn XP for tasks such as playing online or completing stories. Then with each rank you reach you will get a prize. It sounds fun and looks like it can get the players to keep playing, but it’s actually a long process. With a total of 100 different ranks for you to achieve and it will take you hours of gameplay to finally be able to unlock all characters and stages.

Kirby Fighters 2 is a fun, cute surprise and easy-to-play brawler to celebrate this pink ball journey. Easy mechanics and representative stages for the history of this series. Although 90% of the character is Kirby’s copying ability, the difference can be felt. But it’s quite disappointing because the progress feels very slow and online games seem to be dead for now. But if you are a fan of Kirby and Smash Bros, then this game is worth checking out.

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