Injustice: The 5 Best & 5 Worst Alternate Skins Of All Time

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Injustice: Gods Among Us was released as a cross-generational title around the time of PlayStation 4 ‘s launch. Being a hybrid of both generations, the game had to limit some of its ambitions to the last-gen. However, that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the best fighting games of the time. The fact that there were so many memorable DC characters in the game made it stand out from any other game of its kind.

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While the vanilla version of the game was pretty good, the developers added character skins over time to add much-needed variation. Looking back at it, how many of these skins were genuinely good, and how many were just forgettable?

10 Bad – Blackest Night Batman

If there’s one thing to fear in Gotham, it is the Dark Knight. However, this one version of the Batman takes that scariness to a whole new level, though not because of a good reason. The Blackest Night is probably the worst Batman skin in the game. Simultaneously, the comic version of Blackest Night Batman looks pretty good, with attention to details that are pointy and edgy. The Injustice version looks like a 100-year-old man trying to cosplay The Batman.

9 Good – Arkham City Batman

This is hands down the best Batman alternative skin in the game. While it might not be befitting of Injustice’s character style, it is a skin that pays homage to Rocksteady’s Arkham City. Being one of the best Batman games ever, it certainly deserves to be mentioned more. On top of that, the design in Injustice is also pretty accurate to the one from 2011. The only minor downside would be the teeth and belt in closeups. That aside, the rest of it looks damn good.

8 Bad – Cyborg Superman

This is, hands down, the worst Superman skin in Injustice. Again the best comparison to make would be with the comic version, and that one looks absolutely sick. So the amount of injustice this design receives is too much to be ignored, no puns intended. The whole skin looks low quality.

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All the while, it is clearly visible how much scope there was to make this one better. The cyborg Superman is meant to look scary, but he looks like a poor man’s Terminator in Injustice.

7 Good – Classic Harley Quinn

If we rank the topmost characters in the Batman universe, Harley Quinn has to be in the top ten. So it is ideal that she is part of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Even though her base model looks incredible, it is the side skins where she shines the most, especially the classic Harley Quinn outfit that looks like it has been recreated perfectly. There’s everything from the split checker pattern to the jester cap, boots, and symbols.

6 Bad – Flashpoint Aquaman

Aquaman was once a joke to many but has now been completely revamped by the artists. Aside from talking to fish, the character is now bold, badass, and insanely powerful. However, his Flashpoint Paradox design in Injustice: Gods Among Us undoes everything good about the character. Firstly, he is an incredibly bulky dude, but the version in-game looks like nowhere near comic levels of build. Secondly, there’s nothing special about this one.

5 Good – Elseworld Flash

Flash is already a very charismatic character, and the chances are that the man will look good in literally any Flash costume. However, Elseworld’s skin takes the character to a whole new level. This design is a bit over the top, but that is what makes it stand out. It is flashy, edgy, and looks like a perfect semi-futuristic costume for The Flash. Moreover, it is very much in line with the comic’s design, which is already pretty great.

4 Bad – Red Son Green Lantern

The original Green Lantern skin in Injustice: Gods Among Us is great. It fits the comics and, at the same time, delivers on being unique to the game as well. However, the same can not be said for this one. The Red Son Green Lantern is an okay design turned worse.

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This version looks like a retired pilot from ages past and doesn’t retain the Green Lantern’s superhero feel at all. It doesn’t even come close to the design of the comic version, either.

3 Good – Regime Cyborg

The Regime Cyborg is nothing short of a masterpiece. Firstly it takes cues from the original Injustice: Gods Among Us design and only makes it edgier. Quite honestly, it looks like this skin has a metallic design that makes it look far more sinister than any other Cyborg skin. Moreover, it looks pretty futuristic, as well. The red wires and the overall armor is extremely badass. At times, this skin actually looks better than the original one from the game.

2 Bad – Regime Black Adam

The Regime Black Adam is one of the worst skins in the game. Quite honestly, it does everything wrong. Firstly, the costume is a low poly mishmash of poorly designed patterns. But most importantly, look at those expressions. The cashew looking eyes, the horrible teeth, and the entire expression bury this skin before it could take flight.

1 Good – Regime Hawkgirl

This is hands down the most brutal looking Hawkgirl skin in the game. The Regime Hawkgirl is very close to the design language of Regime Cyborg. It is edgy and badass and totally complements the brutal nature of this art style. The dark wings look absolutely great in combination with the yellow-green outfit. This version of Hawkgirl looks inspired by a couple of different versions yet manages to become one of a kind.

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