High-spec Nintendo Switch Will Launch in 2021

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Gaming technology company Nintendo will reportedly release a new High-spec Nintendo Switch in 2021, with the capability for 4K graphics and more computing power, reported Bloomberg.

In 2019, the Kyoto, Japan-based company plans to release two new Nintendo Switch models, one smaller and more portable – which appears as the Nintendo Switch Lite, and a higher-spec model. Yes it’s a new High-spec Nintendo Switch.

High-spec Nintendo Switch
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While it is expected that the last will be a Nintendo Switch “Red Box”, with a more effective CPU and longer battery life.

A recent report from the Economic Daily News also shows that a model with higher specifications could actually be released next year.

Nintendo also reported that many games from Nintendo itself and associated outside studios will be released for the new console, reflecting the strategy of releasing the New Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

However, it is still unknown if the game will also be available to play on the standard Switch console, which has sold 61.44 million units since its release in 2017.

It is not known how powerful the consoles are, or their current specifications, with sources saying they are not finished and have yet to start production due to the build up of the standard Switch console being upgraded for higher than expected demand.

On the other hand, Nintendo has set a record for the game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” during the coronavirus pandemic, which managed to trigger a rally of more than 70 percent in its share price since the game was released in March.

Hopefully Nintendo can launch their newest console in the near future, so that it will enliven the gaming industry today. Moreover, Sony and Microsoft will soon release their latest consoles. With the new high-spec nintendo switch, it is hoped that they can compete with the PS5 from Sony and the XBOX Series X from Microsoft.

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